Milos Milovanovic , advisor at Resor D.O.O.

Bilateral Meetings

  • Regional Innovation Forum 2020 - Business to Business Meetings 13:00-16:00, Zlatibor, Serbia
Company `Resor` Ltd, was established in 1992 as a firm for production of new and repair of old utility upgrades. The company `Resor` is becoming a regional leader in producing vehicles for special purposes. We install our upgrades to chasses of well-known world producers such as `IVECO`, `MERCEDES`, `MITSUBISHI`, ` VOLVO`, `DAP`, `FAP`, or at customer`s request. In production we use only recognized components by `PARKER`, `VOMA`, `YUROP`, `PRETISOLI`, `OMFB`. The company has a very good cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of University of Nis. It is also a base of recruiting highly educated personnel and it is also our partner on some projects. The company `Resor` gives the greatest attention to the quality of both products and services. In accordance with that we have the following certificates: ISO 9001-2001 i TUV ISO 9001:2000. `Resor` Ltd, has a certificate ISO 14001: 2004 (Environmental Management System – EMS). Recently, RESOR has the production of pipe fittings and connecting elements for water supply, power plants, hot water, etc. Fittings are used for the transport of various fluids such as: drinking water, industrial water up to temperature 250 C, sea and salt water, wastewater, oil and petroleum products, natural gas, flue gas and gas furnace, powder materials, pulp, etc. The company also produces industrial pipe fittings in diameter from DN 40 to DN 3000 (mm) and pressures from NP 2.5 to NP 64 (bar). At your request, RESOR can produce armatures with features that are not defined by the catalog. All products are made of suitable steel with appropriate thermal and machine processing as defined in the technical documentation. Armature cases are mainly made by welding or casting.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Company


City: Gadzin Han ,Miloša Obilića BB Google map


Vehicles for special purposes

The company is looking for partners such as utility companies, power plants, heating plants, water supplies, etc.