Ivana Medaković , Advisor at CCIS


Bilateral Meetings

  • Regional Innovation Forum 2020 - Workshop 10:00-13:00, Zlatibor, Serbia
  • Regional Innovation Forum 2020 - Business to Business Meetings 13:00-16:00, Zlatibor, Serbia
The Chamber of Commerce of Serbia is an independent, modern, and responsible non-budgetary institution, a national association of all Serbian businessmen which puts its tradition, experience, knowledge, and expertise in the service of the best interests of its members and the Serbian economy. Creating the recognition of Serbia as a country with a market economy, investment opportunities, open borders, ready to join the European trends in a competitive way is our essential commitment. The century and the tradition of the chamber system of Serbia and the extensive chamber network, representative offices abroad, are a guarantee of efficient application of mechanisms to support the economy and businessmen through their activities.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Other,

Phone: 0113300928

Email: ivana.medakovic@pks.rs

City: Belgrade ,Resavska 15 Google map