Aleksandra Joksimović , Teaching assistant at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Bilateral Meetings

  • Regional Innovation Forum 2021 - Workshop 10:00-13:00, Zlatibor, Serbia
  • Regional Innovation Forum 2021 - Business to Business Meetings 13:00-16:00, Zlatibor, Serbia
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, perform basic, applied, development and scientific research to improve education and scientific research in the areas of production engineering and application computers, machinery (transport, construction and mining machinery), agricultural mechanical engineering, motor vehicles and trailers (transport, labor and special) effectiveness of mechanical systems, thermodynamics, thermal power, hydropower, railway engineering, shipbuilding, aviation, military mechanical engineering, weapons systems, and cosmic technology, process technology, automated management, plant design and factory plants, warehouses, transportation and process systems, industrial engineering, management, bioengineering, biomedical engineering, nanotechnology, food engineering, applied mechanics, applied fluid mechanics, theory of mechanisms and machines, general machine construction, combustion, applied theory of elasticity, feed materials, mechanical materials, tribology, welding, machine elements and design, applied mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, automatic processing data, labour and environment. Organizing scientific conferences and seminars, cooperation with educational, scientific and other organizations at home and abroad. Performing teaching educational and research activities aimed at improving science and collaboration with industry and other organizations to solve basic, applied scientific problems, studies, expertise and other professional and scientific.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: University


City: Beograd ,Maršala Tita Google map


Junior Researcher

As a PhD student, I participate in various projects and I am in the mood to join other teams. Areas of my research are: 3D modeling and mechatronics.
In my free time I deal with digital marketing and branding.

Cooperation Requested
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