Snezana Kirin , Head of branch in Novi Sad at Innovation Center of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade

Bilateral Meetings

  • Regional Innovation Forum 2021 - Workshop 10:00-13:00, Zlatibor, Serbia
  • Regional Innovation Forum 2021 - Business to Business Meetings 13:00-16:00, Zlatibor, Serbia
Innovation Center of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (ICMF) is founded in 2006. The main goal of ICMF is the application of scientific, technical, and technological knowledge and invention to create and release new and improved products, processes, or services. There are 66 researchers (18 PhDs and 48 Ph.D. students) who work for ICMF. Some important ICMF industry partners are Electropower Industry of Serbia, Oil Industry of Serbia, Messer-Tehnogas, SGM Educational Solutions (Berlin). The mission of ICMF is to apply research (industry and government-commissioned) in areas: development of technologies, prototyping, technology transfer, testing, engineering jobs, consulting, contributing to teaching offer of FME, and project management.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Company